Ardencaple MacAulays


Aulay MacAulay of the Ardencaple MacAulays first appeared in documents in 1296.
In 1587, Sir Aulay MacAulay of Ardencaple is included in the roll of landlords of Gaeldom, as a principal vassal of the earldom of Lennox.
In May, 1591, Sir Aulay MacAulay entered into a formal bond of friendship (alliance) with MacGregor of Glenstrae recognising that Clan MacAulay was a cadet clan of Clan Gregor.
MacAulay folklore tells of the times that Rob Roy (MacGregor) stayed with the MacAulays of Ardencaple to avoid capture by the authorities.
Clan MacAulay's dress tartan is very similar to that of Clan Gregor.

Castle Ardencaple was on a hillside near the town of Helensburgh, Scotland. The remaining battle tower overlooks an inlet to the Firth of Clyde on one side and the shore of Loch Lomond on the other.
The immediate area of Ardencaple is now HM Naval dependent's housing for the nearby Faslane submarine base. Loch Lomond and Helensburgh lie northwest of Glasgow.
From MacAulay History The name MacAulay grew from two unconnected areas.
One came from Dunbartonshire and were the MacAulays of Ardencaple.
The other was the MacAulays of Lewis.