Rosa McCauley Parks

America’s most powerful politicians honoured Rosa McCauley Parks last month by unveiling her statue in the US Capitol’s Statutory Hall. President Barack Obama who attended the unveiling praised Parks as an enduring reminder of what true leadership requires, “no matter how humble or lofty our positions”. Rosa McCauley Parks was a fearless campaigner against unfairness and injustice. Her actions against segregation in the USA turned the wheels of the civil rights movement and her reforming zeal was central to ending the unfairness of segregation. We can all be proud of her campaigning and reforming achievements and for the recognition given to her.
Clan Association Chief Hector MacAulay said “Reform is a characteristic in all MacAulays. So many of our most famous men and women were also campaigners and reformers.
People like Thomas Babington MacAulay a leading political reformer, Zachary MacAulay a central figure in abolishing slavery, Thomas Bassett MacAulay a great land reformer, Francis Sowerby MacAulay a great pioneering mathematician, Mother Catherine MacAulay a leading 19th century reformer in Ireland campaigning against extreme poverty and exploitation of workers and Iain MacMillan MacAulay who helped to reform our Clan Association”.