Wayne MacAulay

Wayne MacAulay

Wayne and JoKaren

It is with sadness that I recently heard of the death of Wayne MacAulay.

Wayne was a leading stalwart in the early days of re-building the clan.

Ian MacAulay who was made Commander of the Clan by the Lord Lyon appointed him in 1997 as his representative in the USA with responsibility to promote and develop the clan across the USA. It is thanks to Wayne’s early work that we now have a solid foundation across the USA.

He was also very supportive in seeing the clan develop here in Scotland.

This was reflected in the number of Clan Gatherings he attended here over a number of years. His support in this way motivated all of us who served on the executive committee at that time.

On behalf of all who knew him, I send our condolences to his wife Jo Karen and to the rest of his family.

Hector MacAulay

Clan Chief