How do I start my Family History?

How do I start my Family History? I know I have MacAulay's in my family but just don't know how to get started.

We are often asked this type of question and our advice is to start with asking the older member of your family, names, date and place of birth of family members, and dates of other important events in their lives such as marriages or military service. is the best site to use for original material for family history and the official Scottish genealogy resource. With almost 80 million records to access

National Library of Scotland>

Scotland's Family
has many links to more local Scottish Family information (Many links also broken) which could help with your research.

There are many more , just Google 'Scottish Family History' the above sites are a great starting point..... but the list is endless.

More useful sites:
MacAulay DNA Project

Please see also the links below: