MacAulay DNA Project

MacAulay DNA Project

The DNA study is open to both Scottish and Irish MacAulay’s, including all the spelling variations of the name. Participants need not be members of the Clan Association. Please contact our Heritage secretary Lucas at where you can find out how to get your DNA test done and how much it costs.

Please also enjoy Laurence Ross McAuley’s article The Clan MacAulay DNA Project – A Dalriadic past.docx .

Lewis DNA Sub-Project

Currently, there are numerous research groups using DNA samples from men around the world to piece together long-forgotten relationships. One such effort has been to reconstruct the Macaulay family of Lewis.

Various named DNA mutations can be found on the male Y chromosome after high level testing. They show those which are found in the whole family, and some that are contained only in specific branches of a family. By comparing mutations between males, trees can be built showing how each branch is related to each other. Up until now, many of these branches were not connected, and their potential inter-relationships could only be imagined. Points where different branches meet actually represent a specific male ancestor who once lived, and was born with a brand-new mutation that can be detected in only his descendants today.

As more males test, a more complex tree is able to be built up from the resulting genetic data. There are several branches that are already connected to each other, allowing us to see which lines in the Macaulay family of Lewis are more closely related than to others. We can then use partial historical records to start identifying possible named ancestors that fit into these points.

We are hopeful of new Macaulay men to help build up the tree even further and help clarify the connections between even more branches of this large international family.

Lucas McCaw, Heritage Secretary