Scots Pine could be Symbol of the Nation

The Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), the Clan MacAulay plant badge could become the National Tree of Scotland. A campaign to achieve this by leading Scots Pineenvironmentalists attracted the support of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, The Woodlands Trust, The John Muir Trust, Trees for Life, The RSPB and many other interested groups. A petition presented to the Scottish Parliament petitions committee proposed that the Scottish Government begins the process of designating the tree as one of the country’s official national symbols. The committee accepted the petition and will now press the Scottish Government to adopt the Scots Pine as the National Tree of Scotland. Clan Association Chief Hector MacAulay said “ The Scots Pine is the plant badge of all seven Siol Alpin clans of which Clan MacAulay of Ardencaple was one. It is firmly rooted in our clan heritage and is a symbol of indomitable strength, endurance and power. I am sure we will all be proud if the Scots Pine is adopted as the National Tree of Scotland.”