McAuleys Meet in Mexico - A Real Coincidence

McAuleys Meet in Mexico - A Real Coincidence 

The Clan's Northern Ireland Commissioner, Laurence McAuley and his partner Karen Montgomery recently returned from the winter sunshine after two weeks in Cancun, Mexico. Whilst there an amazing coincidence occured.

Standing at the busy Moon Palace Resort hotel lobby bar one evening, two other hotel guests came to sit beside them. The couples got chatting and introduced themselves on first name terms. Five minutes later Josh from Texas said in passing "I'm McCauley". Well one can imagine how surprised Laurence was, not to mention Josh and his wife Holly when Laurence replied "What, so am I".


Laurence & Josh


Chatting further, obviously about all things McAuley, Josh in fact had never ever met another McAuley outside of his family circle... McAuleys are in short supply in Texas! Unfortunately Josh had no idea as to his McCauley family roots other than of Irish or Scottish decent. His mother in fact was full blooded Red Indian. Interestingly his middle name was Lewis... could his roots lie with the MacAulays of Uig, Isle of Lewis? A place Josh had never heard of.

Laurence McAuley



Imagine, two McAuleys meet in a bar...Who'd have thought....?