Let The World Know! - a financial appeal

Royal Mile 2009

Below is a letter of appeal from our Clan Chief Hector MacAulay:

Dear Supporter “Let the world know!” were the opening remarks of the Ross Herald, the Lord Lyon’s representative at the Clan MacAulay Derbhfine held in Dingwall in 2001. He wanted the world to know that Clan MacAulay was on the march again and was seeking to appoint a new Clan Chief. Since the Derbhfine, our clan has developed, adapted and survived. Clan MacAulay has grown in strength and numbers to forge a solid and enduring base giving all MacAulays access to a rich history and a kinship which stretches around the world. It is this sense of kinship, of family, of shared affiliations which has made our clan system so unique and provides a very personal link to almost a thousand years of Scottish history. In support of this we are planning to produce a DVD to tell the story of our clan history. A story of how the fortunes of our clan changed down through the centuries, of our clan territories and clan Chiefs and heroic individual achievements which contributed to our modern civilisation as well as our vision for the 21st century. To achieve our aim we have to raise £5,000 to offset the costs of a quality production.
Are you able to give financial support to this worthwhile project? Any contribution from £10 upwards will help us to achieve our target.
Together we can “Let the World Know!” about the history of Clan MacAulay. If you wish to make a donation please use one of these forms:
Donation Form (UK)
Donation Form (Outwith UK)
Your support will be very much appreciated. Yours for the Clan

Hector MacAulay