DNA test links Irish McAuleys to Ardencaple

Laurence McAuley of Ballygally, Co Antrim, has recently had DNA testing which links his ancestry with the MacAulays of Ardencaple.
Although a proud Ulsterman, Laurence had always wondered if he was of Irish or Scottish descent.

He submitted his DNA to the MacAulay Surname Project.

The results showed that in all probability (when added to family hearsay and circumstantial evidence), that he is descended from a branch of Scottish MacAulay migrants from Ardencaple, Rhu, Helensburgh.

These migrants had settled the area known as the Glens of Antrim in the north east of Ireland in the early 16th century.

The results of the Clan MacAulay DNA Study can be seen at clanawley.com The full story can be read by downloading the attachment below:

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