Tartan Ted does A Taste of Victoria!

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Greetings all! Ted here reporting on my first food tour in Canada. Andy at A Taste of Victoria Food Tours couldn’t have been nicer. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the food scene here in Victoria as well as the city’s history. Andy selects restaurants that are committed to locally sourced ingredients and chefs that showcase their creativity, the quality and freshness.

Our tour group was lovely. Aside from Andy there were 6 Canadians (2 Saskatchewanians, 2 Albertans and 2 British Columbians), 2 Australians and me, the lone Scot. Continue reading

Ardincaple Castle and its Lairds, 1930

Thank you to Kathy McCauley and Susan Caldwell for locating and compiling this material for Clan MacAulay! Their dedication and commitment to the history of the Clan is second to none!

Ardincaple Castle and its Lairds was published in 1930 by Edward Randolph Welles.  It’s an investigation into the history of Ardincaple Castle and the MacAulays who controlled it, including the last known Clan Chief Auley MacAuley.  The author suggests that those MacAulays were involved with (and possibly related to) the Earls of Lennox.  Welles acknowledges in the preface that he relied on the notes from a previous researcher, Dr. David Murray.  A daughter of Dr. Murray gave Welles permission to use her father’s unpublished manuscript. Continue reading

Tartan Ted begins his Canadian adventure!

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Hello everyone! My name is Tartan Ted and I’ve recently arrived from Scotland to begin my Canadian journey. My kind family at the Scotland Shop have sent me on this grand adventure and my first host family are the MacAulays. I’m excited that I’m starting on the west coast and hope to be able to visit Central and Eastern Canada as well! My goal is to reach the Fergus Games in Ontario in August. Victoria is certainly beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of Canada!

For my journey I’m attired (head to toe) in Canada’s maple leaf tartan, their national symbol. David Weiser’s design reflects “the colours of the maple leaf as it changes through the seasons—green in the spring, gold in the early autumn, red at the first frost, and brown after falling”.

Continue reading

Happy Tartan Day!

From MacAulays (of all spelllings) to tartan lovers around the world, Happy Tartan Day! MacAulay, please forward your pics of how you got your tartan on for our MacAulay Matters newsletter and Instagram.

MacAulay (Ardencaple)

MacAulay (Ardencaple Hunting)

MacAulay (MacGregor)

MacAulay (Lewis)

MacAulay Matters March 2019 (the artist’s edition) issue now available!

The March 2019 issue of MacAulay Matters is now available. We all know that MacAulays are a talented bunch, whether they be artists or artisans, authors or singer/songwriters. This issue focuses on three MacAulay artists and I hope you will find them as fascinating as I did. Enjoy!

MacAulay Matters March 2019

In this issue:

  • The Harris Tweed Project
  • Meet P3 student Ethan MacAulay
  • Fashion Designer Hope Macaulay
  • Artist Tom McAulay
  • Kathleen O’Reilly’s Robbie Burns Celebration
  • Spotlight on:
    • Member Aileen McCauley Killen
    • Commissioner Bud MacAulay Lush
    • Executive Committee Member Mark MacAulay
  • MacAulay DNA Project Update
  • Toronto’s Great Canadian Kilt Skate
  • NZ Scottish Heritage Council
  • Upcoming Highland Games
  • The 2019 Aviemore Gathering
  • Robbie Burns Night
  • MacAulay Photos
  • Your Executive Committee

The Lewis Chessmen and the Harry Potter connection

Surrounded by myth, mystery and some controversy, the Lewis Chessmen are beloved. Found on the sands of Uig Bay in 1831 six now reside at Museum nan Eilean in Lews Castle in Stornoway, eleven at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and the remainder at the British Museum in London.

But you may have seen them on the big screen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where replicas of the Lewis Chessmen are seen when Harry and Ron play Wizards Chess. Lesser known is that the Lewis Chessmen made an appearance in Hoshino Yukinobu’s graphic novel Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure. And even Lego has had its time with the Lewis Chessmen when the National Museum of Scotland created a 6 foot replica!

Uig is the ancestral home of the Lewis MacAulays.