MacAulay Heritage


MacAulay Badge

MacAulay Part Arms

MacAulay Coat of ArmsMacAmalgaid

Clan Tartans

Images from The Scottish Register of Tartans and ScotClans 

War Cry

MacAmhlaidh gu Brath! (MacAulay Forever!)


‘Lord make me right, for I canna change ma mind’

MacAulay Dance

The following are instructions for a dance in honour of Everett (Mac) McAulay on his birthday and his niece Carol Young

Try the MacAulay Dance’ll like it!

MacAulay March This is a piece of music specially composed for the Clan MacAulay.

The MacAulay March was written by Pipe Major Andrew McKay and recorded by Kathy Hawkins

Sept Clans & Associated Names of Clan MacAulay

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