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MacAulay-authored article hits the stands in the British GQ February issue

Good friend to Clan MacAulay, screenwriter and writer/journalist Sean Macaulay, has authored a piece on Sean Connery for the February edition of British GQ. Brilliant article! A definite must read for fans of Sean Connery (or those who are interested in learning more about this complex man).

Read Sean’s article here!

Sean also kindly shared some additional Sean Connery’s kilt preferences … While Connery was an Irish name, his mother, Effie, was a MacLean, and he often wore a Hunting MacLean of Duart kilt, as when he was knighted, as well as other non-clan tartans, such as Flower of Scotland and Scotland the Brave. His family is even planning to unveil a newly designed tartan in his honor at this year’s Dressed to Kilt fundraiser created by Connery’s charity Friends of Scotland.

Also for Dr. No movie … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8DioBk6R6c

Did you know the Clan MacAulay website has information about MacAulay artists?

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