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Bannockburn 700 2014

The Clan at Bannockburn 700
Over the weekend of 27th to 29th June 2014, the Clan joined the Bannockburn 700 celebrations.

The weekend started on Friday, 27th at Pipefest at Stirling Castle. MusterThe Clan mustered in a nearby hostelry before marching with all the pipebands and other clans through the City of Stirling from the Castle to the King's Knot.Clan March 1

We had an excellent turnout of clansfolk marching. We marched behind a pipeband from Scunthorpe in England.

Clan March 2

After the march, the Clan retired to Mr Singh's India Cottage for a late supper.

Failte do'n Chinneadh! - Welcome to the Clan MacAulay Association in Scotland

The main aims of the clan are:

The promotion of the spirit of Clansmanship, of belonging in kinship, to foster an interest in Scotland, the land, our origins, our history, in a multicultural world. The clan aims to retain something of value in a World of Changing values. Our Clan is based on Democracy and Meritocracy not Aristocracy and Patronage. The Clan MacAulay Association holds a Gathering in Scotland every two years.

Dave 'Boy' McAuley - What a fighter!

Oh boy, what a fighter Dave McAuley was!

BY DAVID KELLY (Belfast Telegraph) – 07 JUNE 2014 

The Trilogy is Complete...Tony Macaulay!

The trilogy is complete…

Tony Macaulay!


Clan MacAulay expands in Canada

Clan MacAulay announces a very exciting development with the appointment of Joan McAulay of Saskatoon as Clan Commissioner for Western Canada.

Joan was born and brought up in Saskatchewan. Her ancestors originating from the Western Isles.

New Clan Commissioners Appointed


Clan Association Chief  Hector MacAulay has announced the appointment of two new Clan Commissioners. Mike Macauley has been appointed as Clan Commissioner for North Missouri and Bob Macauley becomes Commissioner for South Missouri.

Bringing our People Together

 Our Heritage Secretary Christiane MacAulay Readhead has put together a selection of photographs entitled “Bringing Our People Together”.

It represents a snapshot of clan activity up to 2009.


Australian Gathering March 23 2013

MacAmhlaidh gu Brath!
This is the war cry of the ancient Macaulay Clan and the sound of bagpipes were to be heard around

Clan MacAulay Association Chief Visits New Zealand

Report by Ruth Cooper

Hector MacAulay, from Crieff in Perthshire Scotland, was elected as Chief of the International Clan MacAulay Association in August 2010 for a five year period.

Rosa McCauley Parks

America’s most powerful politicians honoured Rosa McCauley Parks last month by unveiling her statue in the US Capitol’s Statutory Hall. President Barack Obama who attended the unveiling praised Parks as an enduring reminder of what true leadership requires, “no matter how humble or lofty our positions”. Rosa McCauley Parks was a fearless campaigner against unfairness and injustice.

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