Clan Aims

The Clan MacAulay Association exists:

  • to celebrate our traditions and connect with culture, heritage, and history
  • to discover our Scottish or Irish MacAulay roots
  • to engage in the world-wide community of Clan MacAulay
  • to have an open international Clan Gathering every two years, where practical, attracting interested parties to celebrate traditions and connect with our culture, heritage, and history
  • to promote Clan MacAulay and its place in the history and heritage of Scotland, Ireland and its overseas diaspora
  • to use promotional initiatives and form partnerships to encourage an interest in the history and heritage of Scotland and Ireland
  • to offer genealogical guidance and signposting to the MacAulay DNA projects
  • to connect with MacAulays through the positive use of the Clan MacAulay Association website and social media, and
  • to be strictly apolitical and non-sectarian.

Our Clan is based on Democracy and Meritocracy not Aristocracy and Patronage.

MacAmhlaidh gu Brath!