Clan Aims

Clan MacAulay Association:

  • Celebrate traditions and connect with your culture, heritage, and history.
  • Discover your Scottish or Irish MacAulay roots.
  • Engage in the world-wide community of Clan MacAulay.

The promotion of kinship, harmony and unity within the Clan and to foster an interest in Scotland, the land, our origins, our history, in a multicultural world. To promote the Clan and its place in Scottish history both in Scotland and overseas.

Our Clan is based on Democracy and Meritocracy not Aristocracy and Patronage.

Additional objectives include:

  • To use promotional initiatives as a means to foster a cultural and historical interest in Scotland.
  • To form partnerships wherever possible to develop such initiatives and encourage interested parties to visit Scotland.
  • To have an open Clan Gathering every two years attracting interested parties from around the world to share in the spirit of Clan unity and harmony.
  • To research the history of the Clan and to print and publish such works. And to promote the Clan though all practical means including through the web and social media. To make freely available such works to Clan members and educational establishments.
  • To offer genealogical and historical assistance to members and non-members.
  • To purchase and maintain any buildings and/or lands originally owned by the Clan and where possible to make open to the public.
  • To raise adequate funds for the foregoing purpose.
  • To be strictly non political and non sectarian.

MacAmhlaidh gu Brath!