MacAulay History

There are many histories related to the MacAulays and some contain conflicting information. The beauty and challenges of history!

Ardincaple Castle and its Lairds, 1930 Thank you to Kathy McCauley and Susan Caldwell for locating and compiling this material for Clan MacAulay! Their dedication and commitment to the history of the Clan is second to none!)  Ardincaple Castle and its Lairds was published in 1930 by Edward Randolph Welles.  To read the full posting and access the file, please click here.

MacAulays of Ardencaple

Richard McAuley: MacAulay (‘son of Aulay’) and Ardincape

MacAulays of County Antrim

MacAulays of Lewis and Great Bernera

MacAulays of Ullapool and Loch Broom

MacAulays and MacGregors

Ardencaple Castle by Doug Hendry

Ardencaple MacAulays

Lewis MacAulays

Lochbroom MacAulays

Ardencaple and Lewis MacAulays

Lochbroom and Coigach MacAulays

Bringing Our People Together (2009)

Revival of Clan MacAulay

A Landmark for Clan MacAulay

Ad hoc derbhfine

Clan Adopts Democratic Rule To Take A New Chief