Here are but a few of the famous and notable MacAulays.

Alastair Macaulay, chief dance critic of the New York Times

Alex McAulay – American novelist

Alexander MacAulay – an unknown hero

Alexander MacAuley (footballer), Scottish footballer

Alexander McAulay (1863–1931), first professor of mathematics and physics at the University of Tasmania

Alexander McCall Smith – Author, South Africa

Alphonso McAuley, American, actor

Alyn Daniel McCauley – Canadian retired professional ice hockey player

Alyson Macaulay Court, Canadian, actor

Andrew McAuley, (1968–2007), Australian, adventurer

Angus Macaulay (1759-1827) – Schoolmaster, physician and political figure in Prince Edward Island

Archie Macaulay (1915–1993), Scottish football player and manager

Aulay MacAulay of Ardincaple (died 1617), Scottish laird, clan chief, shire Commissioner, and knight

Aulay Macaulay, (died 1788), English inventor of a system of shorthand

Bob McAuley – Scottish-Canadian, football player.

Bryn McAuley – Canadian, voice actress.

Catharine Macaulay (1731–1791), English historian

Catherine McAuley (Sister) – Foundress of Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Healthcare

Charles Macaulay (Sergeant) – 8th King’s Royal Irish (KRI) Hussars “One of the Six Hundred”

Charles Grymes McCawley (1827–1891), American, a senior officer in the United States Marine Corps

Charles R. Macauley – American cartoonist and illustrator

Charles McAuley (1910–1999), Irish, painter

Clark Richard McCauley – American social psychologist

Colin Macaulay (1760–1836) Slavery abolitionist and campaigner

Dana McCauley – Canadian chef and food writer

Dave McAuley – Northern Irish, professional boxer.

David MacAulay (Private, DCM MM)

David Macaulay – British-born American illustrator and writer

Deborah McCawley Canadian, a judge

Deon McCaulay – Belizean international footballer

Derek Macaulay, Brigadier-General, OMM, MSM, CD, Commander 5th Canadian Division

Don McCauley – former American football player

Donald Macaulay of Bragar, QC – (Lord) House of Lords, Scotland

Donald Cam MacAulay (Chief of the MacAulays of Lewis c1560-1640)

Dugald MacAulay (Father of Donald Cam)

Ed Macauley – NBA Hall of Fame

Eunice Macaulay (1923–2013), British-born animator and filmmaker

Francis Sowerby Macaulay, English mathematician

Fred MacAulay – Comedian and Presenter

Frederick Robertson Macaulay – Economist

Gareth McAuley – Northern Irish, professional footballer

Genevieve Macaulay (1880–1938), American philanthropist and Papal duchess

George Macaulay (1897–1940), English cricketer

George Macaulay Trevelyan – Historian

George Campbell Macaulay (1852–1915), Classical scholar of Herodotus

George Neil Macaulay (Captain, the Elder)

George Neil Macaulay (Captain)

Greg McAulay – World Curling Champion

Helene Macaulay – celebrity makeup artist

Herbert Heelas Macaulay – Nigerian Activist

Hugh McAuley b.1953- English professional footballer and coach.

Hugh McAuley b.1976 – English professional footballer.

Iain MacMillan MacAulay – Elected Chief of Clan MacAulay 2002

Ike McAuley, (1891–1928), American, professional baseball player

Iris MacAulay – official holder of Block Island’s gold-headed ebony cane

Jack McCauley – American engineer, hardware designer, inventor, video game developer and philanthropist

James Macaulay – Doctor and Medical Officer in Upper Canada

James Macauley, (1889-1945), Irish, professional footballer

James McAulay (1860–1943), Scottish footballer

James McAuley – Australian Poet

James Adelbert McCauley -19th-century Major League Baseball catcher

James Alvan Macaulay – Former President of Packard Motor Car Company

James Buchanan Macaulay, Sir (1793-1859), Canadian lawyer

James D. McCawley (1938–1999), Scottish-born American, a linguist

Jerry McAuley, (1839–1884), Irish born American, convicted criminal who founded America’s first gospel rescue mission

Jim McCawley (1942–1997), American, a screenwriter and television producer

Jimmy McAuley – Northern Irish, football player

Jonathan McCully – Founding Father of Modern Canada

John Macaulay (1792-1833), businessman, office holder, newspaperman, justice of the peace, militia officer, and politician

John Macaulay – San Francisco Police Department

John Alexander MacAulay, Canadian lawyer and Red Cross activist

John McAulay – Scottish policeman, soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross

Sir John Patrick Joseph McCauley, KBE, CB – senior commander in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

John Simcoe Macaulay (1792-1855), businessman, office holder, newspaperman, justice of the peace, militia officer, and politician

Johnny McCauley – Irish singer/songwriter

Ken McAuley, (1931–1992) Canadian, professional ice hockey player

Kenneth Macaulay (colonialist) (1792–1829), colonial official in Sierra Leone

Kenneth Macaulay (politician) (1815–1867), English politician

Kyle Macaulay – Scottish professional footballer

Lawrence MacAulay, Canadian politician

Leon McCawley – British, a classical pianist

Leopold Macaulay (1887–1979), Canadian politician

Lincoln MacCauley Alexander (24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario)

Linda McAuley, radio presenter

Marc Macaulay – American actor

Marcus Xavier McCauley, Jr. – former American football cornerback

Maria McAuley, (1847–1919), co-founder of the McAuley Water St Mission, in New York City

Matthew McCauley – Canadian composer

Michael Darragh MacAulay, Irish Gaelic Footballer

Michael Macaulay – South African cricketer

Michael McCally, M.D., Ph.D. – Nobel Prize Laureate

Michael J. McCulley, Captain U.S.N., Ret. – NASA Astronaut

Morton MacAuley, Canadian politician

Neill W. Macaulay, Jr. (1935–2007), American writer, professor and Cuban revolutionary

Park McCallie (Dr.) and Spencer McCallie (founders of McCallie School,Chattanooga TN)

Pat McAuley, (1921–1970), Scottish, footballer

Paul J. McAuley – British, author

Peter McCauley – New Zealand actor

Reginald Macaulay (1858–1937), English footballer

Robert Macaulay (1921-2010), Canadian politician

Robertson Macaulay (1833–1915), Canadian insurance company executive

Robie Macauley, (1919–1995), American, writer and editor

Robin McAuley – Irish, musician

Roisin McAuley, Irish, novelist

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, American, activist

Rose Macaulay (Dame, DBE), English, author

Sarah Jane Macaulay Brown – wife of former UK prime minister Gordon Brown

Scott Macaulay – Producer

Sean Macaulay – Screenwriter

Sean McAuley – English, footballer

Stephen McCauley, author

Steve Macauley – English, professional footballer

Terry McAulay, American football official

Thomas Babington MacAulay (Baron MacAulay)

Thomas Bassett Macaulay

Thomas McCawley (1881–1925) Australian, a judge

Tony Macaulay – Author, Northern Ireland

Tony Macaulay – Songwriter

Tony McAuley – Irish, TV and radio director and producer

Vince Macaulay – head coach and owner of British Basketball League franchise Milton Keynes Lions

Wes_McCauley – NHL Referee

William Macaulay (The Reverend)

Willie John Macaulay (Mod Gold Medallist)

Zachary Macaulay (abolitionist)