2021 MacAulay International Gathering Announced: Stornoway!

It was announced at the 2019 MacAulay International Gathering in Aviemore that the 2021 Gathering will be held in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis 12th to 14th August 2021. The MacAulays have a large presence in the Western Isles and the Caladh Inn in Stornoway will be the MacAulays home base for three days as we gather our people together and explore historical points of interest on Lewis. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Watch this video to experience the beauty of Lewis and Harris.

Lest we forget …

As MacAulays we have many honourable and brave family members and friends, past, present and future, that have and will fight for our freedoms. May we never forget on today, November 11th, Remembrance Day.

And remember the words of John McCrae, the Canadian poet, doctor and soldier who wrote this iconic poem in the midst of war and personal grief Continue reading

Welcome to two new Commissioners for Clan MacAulay

It is an honour to announce that we have two new Commissioners for Clan MacAulay. Please join me in welcoming Geoff Derrick, Commissioner for Australia and Colin McCawley, Commissioner for the State of Washington, USA. We look forward to them attending events and representing Clan MacAulay!

Geoff Derrick Commissioner, Australia

Colin McCawley Commissioner, Washington State

New Executive Elected at Clan MacAulay Annual General Meeting

Congratulations to the executive members elected at the Annual General Meeting in Aviemore, Scotland. All posts are elected for one year with the exception of the Chief which is a four-year term.

  • Chief Joan McAulay
  • Secretary (Administration) Marianne Kelly
  • Treasurer Sean McAuley
  • Membership Administrator Christiane Readhead
  • Organiser Bill O’Reilly
  • Heritage Secretary Lucas McCaw
  • Standard Bearer Doug Doughty
  • Committee member Bob Macauley
  • Committee member Colin McCawley
  • Committee member Geoffrey Derrick
  • Committee member Kathy McCauley
  • Committee member Susan Caldwell

Retiring Chief Named Chief Emeritus

As Chief Hector MacAulay retired this past weekend at the Aviemore International Gatering he was bestowed with the title Chief Emeritus for his many years of service to the Clan MacAulay Association as Secretary, Organiser and Chief. Hector and his lovely wife Kate were also honoured with lifetime memberships for their commitment throughout the years. Hector’s first steps into retirement will be walking journey in the beautiful Cairngorms, wearing his brand new MacAulay jacket and carrying the MacAulay walking stick which was also given to him in perpetuity! Enjoy your retirement Hector!