Zachary Macaulay to be memorialized in St. George’s Garden

Clan MacAulay Association is joining the Friends of St. George’s Gardens in honouring Zachary Macaulay by contributing to the memorial funding.

Please join Chief Hector MacAulay and Membership Secretary Christiane Readhead on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 6 pm in St. George’s Gardens, 62 Marchmont St, Bloomsbury, London when the memorial to Zachary Macaulay will be dedicated and unveiled. There will be a short talk in St. George’s Gardens about Zachary Macaulay followed at 6.30 pm by a further talk about modern slavery and light refreshments at Goodenough College .

2018 is the 250th anniversary of the birth of Zachary Macaulay, a leading abolitionist. He lived briefly at 2 Tavistock Place in London WC1 and is buried nearby in St George’s Gardens, a former graveyard.

Zachary Macaulay’s grave is not marked. The Friends of St. George’s Garden wanted to remedy this because he is undoubtedly the most distinguished occupant of the graveyard. They commissioned the memorial that will state that he is buried there, that he was an abolitionist and also one of the founders of University College London which is based in London WC1.

Click here for additional information about Zachary Macaulay on The Abolition Project’s website.

Happy (slightly delayed) 20th Anniversary Clan MacAulay Association

It was 20 years ago on April 25th that Clan MacAulay Association became a reality. It was the dream of many to see the re-emergence of the great Clan MacAulay. MacAulays from Ardencaple, Lochbroom, the Isle of Lewis and Northern Ireland are now one under the umbrella of Clan MacAulay Association. To learn more about how this came to be, please visit our MacAulay History page and scroll down to read about the Revival of Clan MacAulay.

Forrit the Tartan: Clan Chief Celebrates Tartan Day

Tartan day is a modern celebration of Scottish Heritage and is held annually on April 6th, the same date in 1320 when the Declaration of Arbroath was signed, declaring Scottish Independence and Sovereignty. The largest celebration of Tartan Day is in New York where up to 30,000 people have been known to attend. Smaller events are held elsewhere around the world, but sadly very few in Scotland which should be the focal point of the celebrations. Continue reading