Membership Application

Application for Membership in Clan MacAulay Association

Thank you for your interest in the Clan MacAulay Association!  We are delighted that you are interested in membership.  After completing and submitting the application form below, you will receive a copy via email.  The application will be reviewed by the Clan Membership Secretary and you will receive an invoice via PayPal (Clan MacAulay – ).  PayPal is a secure payment method which allows you to pay by bank draft or credit card.  PayPal also takes care of exchange rates and currency conversions.  After payment, you will receive a Welcome Letter from our Clan Chief as well as a Certificate of Membership.  Finally, you’ll receive your username and password for the website.  This will allow you access to the Members-only content including the Membership Directory.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, email the Clan Membership Secretary

Memberships also make a wonderful and unique gift!  The application allows you to state that you are giving the membership.  In the case of a gift, you will receive the copy of the application and the invoice.  After payment is received, the member will receive an acknowledgement of your gift, the Welcome Letter and the Membership Certificate.

Again, thank you and welcome!

Member Information

Please provide full middle name. As you can imagine, we have many members with the same name!
The name you like to be called.
We will use the Primary email address to communicate with you.
We will use the Secondary email address in case there's a problem with your primary email address.
If retired, your occupation prior to retirement.
Knowing members' interests helps us direct our programs and communications.
Email is our primary method of communication of Clan news, events, etc. You may later opt-out if desired.

The directory lists your name, email, and country of residence. It is found on the clan website and only accessible to active members who have logged in with their username and password. You may upload your picture and update your information as neccessary. The directory allows you to get to know your fellow members and network if you desire. You may later choose to be removed. NOTE: if you choose not to be included, you will not have access to the Directory.

Membership Type

Life and Family Life memberships are a one-time payment. Annual, Family, and Student memberships are paid annually on August 1.
Questions? Email