Did you know the Clan MacAulay website has information on our MacAulay Heritage?

Whether you’re curious about the MacAulay badge, shield, motto, war cry, tartans or prayer, you’ll find it on the Clan MacAulay Heritage page of the website (https://clanmacaulay.org.uk/sidebar-page-2/).

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How tweed became a symbol of Scottish culture

Special thanks to Mike Macauley, Commissioner for North Missouri, for forwarding the January 14, 2021 National Geographic article How tweed became a symbol of Scottish culture. Very appropriate since we’ll be visiting the home of Harris tweed next year when we visit the Hebrides and attend the Clan MacAulay International Gathering in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis!

Whisky – The Water of Life (new on our website)

For those of us who enjoy whisky, the water of life [uisge beatha (Scots Gaelic) or Uisce beatha (Irish Gaelic)], we often share a wee dram and discuss the merits of the whisky (or whiskey for the Irish) we’re enjoying. We’ve added a Whisky – The Water of Life page to our website (click here to be directed to the page) in hopes that you too will share your stories and reviews of your favourites by emailing us via our Contact Us page. Slàinte Mhath!

Joan McAulay, Chief