We Owe Halloween to Ireland

Halloween isn’t your typical celebration. And, Halloween food isn’t exactly ‘normal’ either. Fact: we owe Halloween to Ireland.  This is the autumn festival when, as my ancestors believed, the ghosts of the dead returned to the land of the living. … Continue reading

Scotland’s Ghost Trail

With a deep and rich history, it’s little wonder that Scotland has more than a few ghost stories to tell. Over the past few years there have been over 1,100 ghost manifestations declared in Scotland*. … Continue reading

Spooky Halloween events taking place across Scotland

There’s a chill in the air and I don’t just mean the temperatures outside are getting cooler. Halloween is nearly here. We take it very seriously in Scotland, with ancient traditions and superstitions living on. What will you be doing on All Hallows’ Eve? … Continue reading

6 Scottish Fire Festivals That Will Warm Your Heart This Winter

It’s time for us to wrap up warm and take to the streets to fight the darkness with spectacular winter fire festivals in Scotland! Flickering flames are fascinating when they dance in the dark, perhaps because they have the ability to both support … Continue reading

Haven’t visited clanmacaulay.org.uk recently? Check out new info!

There’s new and updated information on Famous MacAulays and MacAulay Books and Authors! Also, check out the new MacAulay Artists page. The array of talent of MacAulays past or present – be they activists, authors, actors, artists, athletes, musicians or … Continue reading

Wallace Award (Fri, Nov 9, NYC)

The American-Scottish Foundation® invites you to join them on Friday, November 9, 2018, at the University Club, New York City, for the ASF Wallace Award® Dinner for Heritage, Arts & Culture. … Continue reading