Saturday Events

Annual General Meeting

Saturday morning, 9 am
All members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to hear from your Clan Executive, vote on matters affecting the Clan, and elect a new slate of executive officers.

MacAulay Heavy(ish) Games

Saturday morning, 10:30 am (location TBD)
Have you ever wanted to hurl a haggis?? This fun event debuted at the Canada/US Gathering held in Cape Breton in 2018. The idea was the brain child of Bud MacAulay Lush. Much hilarity ensued. Currently we limit it to two events … haggis hurling (not a real haggis) and hammer toss (not a real hammer). We continued the tradition at our International Gathering in Aviemore in 2019. Special highlight was when the hammer ended up on the roof of the hotel. If you need a laugh, the MacAulay Heavy(ish) Games definitely delivers.


MacAulay Genealogy and DNA Studies

Saturday afternoon, 2:30 – 4:30 pm
This Gathering we’ll provide an extended time to dig into your MacAulay genealogy and DNA on Saturday afternoon. Led by Heritage Secretary Lucas McCaw and Genealogy Coordinator Kathy McCauley (and others helping), you’ll have a chance to learn about your MacAulay roots. Remember to bring your family tree.

Activity To Be Decided

Saturday afternoon, 2:30 – 4:30 pm
For those attendees who do not have a special interest in genealogy or DNA, there will be another activity which will be announced shortly


Saturday evening will be filled with dancing and music as Ceum Sunndach, a Ceilidh band, will be leading us in this ancient Scottish tradition. Ceum Sunndach means “Happy Feet”!

(Read about Ceilidhs and Scottish Dancing HERE)