Clan Chief signs up to Scotland’s Food Charter

When our Clan Chief signed up to Scotland’s Food Charter he said “This year our International Clan Gathering to be held in September at Aviemore is being sponsored by the Scottish Government’s Clan Event Fund. As part of the sponsorship we have agreed to sign up to promote the Government’s Scottish Food Charter.”

The Food Charter is aimed at promoting Scotland’s fast-growing food and drinks industry. An industry that exported over £6B last year is expected to grow even further in the years ahead as our iconic products like salmon and whisky are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

There is a developing taste for Scottish produce which is regarded as some of the finest in the world and which is driving steady growth for the industry and the Scottish economy as a whole, with exports of whisky valued at over £4B with food exports including sea fish products valued at over £2B.

“Local, national and international events held in Scotland offer an outstanding opportunity to celebrate and showcase our local produce. We shall aim to promote quality Scottish food and drink at our Clan Gathering with the focus on offering a quality Scottish menu throughout the event as well as visiting venues producing quality Scottish products. A display of food and drink promotional material will be given prominence throughout the Clan Gathering.”

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