Clan MacAulay Association welcomes 2018-2019 Executive Committee

The Clan MacAulay Association held its Annual General Meeting today and the 2018-2019 Executive Committee is in place to work for all MacAulays around the world. Special thanks to Ken Carter retiring as Treasurer, Laurence McAuley retiring as Committee Member and Walter MacAulay retiring as Organiser to sit as a member of the Committee.

  • Chief: Hector MacAulay
  • Secretary: Joan McAulay
  • Treasurer: Sean McAuley
  • Membership: Christiane Readhead
  • Organiser: Bill O’Reilly
  • Heritage Secretary: Lucas McCaw
  • Standard Bearer: Doug Doughty
  • Committee:
    • Bob Macauley
    • Mark Macaulay
    • Neil MacAulay
    • Susan Caldwell
    • Walter MacAulay

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