Love exploring Britain’s ancient sites? Then this book is for you!

Special thanks to John MacAulay Court for regularly sending me interesting bits! This week’s morsel is about Dave Hamilton’s new book Wild Ruins BC: The Explorer’s Guide to Britain’s Ancient Sites, available April 15th at your usual book outlets. Pre-ordering is available or you can access the Kindle version immediately. This is a sequel to his book Wild Ruins.

“Discover Britain’s extraordinary prehistory in this handbook to its wildest and most beautiful ancient remains. Wild ruins B.C. reveals the extraordinary tale of Britain’s human story, from the first human footprints of 800,000 years ago, to ancient axe factories, rock art, stone circles, mountain burials, sunset hill forts, lost villages and temples to the dead. Bucket lists, including best for kids, walkers, pubs, wildlife, views, adventurers, photographers and picnics. An odyssey through our nation’s rich and wild pre-history.”

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