Scotland Shop Names Clan MacAulay as Clan of the Month for July 2021

We are deeply honoured to have been selected as Scotland Shop’s Clan of the Month. Thank you Emily and the Scotland Shop team. See below for their message and a link to the MacAulay Tartans and Clan page! Be sure to check back as they will continue to add information (and an interview) throughout the month of July.

Visit the MacAulay Tartans and Clan page at

A message from the Scotland Shop …

Celebrating the MacAulay’s ~ We Need Your Help

Every month we choose a Clan to celebrate and the MacAulay’s are up next. We know you are a fan of the clan and tartan and wanted to give you the chance to contribute. Do you have any stories of MacAulay celebrations, gatherings, members of your family making history, or simply a cool photo of you sporting your favourite variation of the MacAulay tartan?  Send them in and we will compile it all and share the MacAulay word with fans all over the world.

Email, Livechat, phone or video call, we welcome them all, as well as of course a personal visit to our Edinburgh shop or one of our pop up events.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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