Changes to your Clan MacAulay Association executive team

We are excited to share with you the news that your Clan MacAulay Association executive team has a new look! 

We are delighted that Bob Macauley has joined the executive team in the role of committee member. Bob will continue his role as Commissioner for Southern Missouri and brings to the team his dedication and experience. With not all committee positions filled, Chief Hector approached Bob to see if he would be available to work on our team and we’re very thankful he said ‘yes’!

To distribute the work that each team member undertakes the executive committee (with Ken’s enthusiastic support!) agreed that the roles of Finance and Membership would be split with Ken remaining as our Finance Secretary. We are so pleased that Christiane Readhead has stepped forward to take on the role of Membership Secretary and PayPal Administrator. She has a background in banking and will be an invaluable asset. Alas, this left us without our Heritage Secretary, which Christiane has brilliantly held for many years.

Christiane suggested that we approach Lucas McCaw as her successor. Lucas graciously accepted on May 5th and will commence his role immediately. He brings to the committee a passion for genealogy and DNA! He has already helped many of us in the Association in understanding the important role that DNA plays in today’s genealogical landscape.

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