Iolaire Survivor Grandfather of Catriona MacAulay Mackenzie

Angus Macaulay (back right) with family, including a very young Catriona (middle front row)

The story of the sinking of the HMY Iolaire in the December issue of MacAulay Matters was inspired by Don Mackenzie, husband of Catriona MacAulay Mackenzie who we sadly lost a year ago.

Thanks to Don we now also know that the only surviving MacAulay, Angus Macaulay from Newlands Shader, was Catriona’s grandfather!

Don remembers Angus as a tall, strong man (as you can see from the photo Don shared) which may account for his having made it to the shore that fateful night. Angus passed on June 22, 1970 at the age of 82.

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