ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty … the dramatic story of Scotland’s bard

From Ian Couper at Robert Burns: For Love and Liberty

Hope you are enjoying the Robert Burns season. We are now about to air our play ROBERT BURNS: For Love and Liberty, the full details of which c/w promotional video, drama and music samples can be heard in our website including the new and complete recording of LIBERTY.

In order now for us to gain the desired development funding we are looking for your non-financial support. I would ask if possible you consider joining our free and secure mailing list in our PLEASE SUPPORT US page  In return I will send you a link to our song LIBERTY that you can hear in full in the website.

The greater the support we receive, the greater likelihood of receiving funding from the appropriate bodies that we are already speaking to. In addition, could I also ask if possible that you share this post with  friends or others who may be interested

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions please email me by return or to

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind Regards, Ian

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